Why Us

Full Service Integrated Marketing

We have many experiences in supporting many brands from all across categories to develop 360 Integrated Marketing Agency.

A to Z

We are full service agency, providing market dipstick research, Public Relation, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Creative Digital Video, Live Stream/Shopping Production, Event Management, Out of Home advertising, Media Buying, and Social Media Management.

Success Plan

We help creating the marketing plan that’s start with background research of the brand, competitors analysis, defining the right target market and customer psychographics / behaviours with an effective measurements. We bring diverse background of advertising, branding, PR, research and strategic planning to work for your company.

Meet the Team

Hello, VIRAL consists of a highly creative and mission-oriented team who are good at communication, problem-solving and quickly optimizing upgrades. VIRAL's team philosophy; innovation and pragmatism, surpassing ourselves, pursuing excellence, enabling our customers to receive valuable standard service, achieve brand value and achieve success. 

Raihan Muhammad

Account Manager & Game Specialist

Arba Firandi

Account Manager

Kardina Audia

Account Director

Reza Fauzi

Clien Relation Manager

Widi Satrio Wibowo

Creative Manager

Satrio Bimo W

Senior Graphic Designer

Adine Nissa Azzahra

Junior Creative

Alline Setyana Darmawan

Public Relations Manager

Zetha Adriansyah

Event & Marketing Manager

Arie Bachdar

Head of Production & Goverment Relation

Ridho Ananda Putra

Junior Production & Videographer

Albert Hutur Franklyn

HR, GA & Legal Manager

Rovinur Hadid Eșendi

Finance, Accounting, Tax Manager

Fahmi Basri

Finance Account Payable

Alisyah Gusliana

Finance Account Receivable